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Wrestling Practice Schedule James F Byrnes Athletics
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Wrestling is a physically demanding sport that requires discipline, skill, and strategy. To excel in wrestling, athletes need to follow a strict practice schedule that focuses on technique, strength training, and conditioning. However, creating a wrestling practice schedule from scratch can be time-consuming and overwhelming. That’s where a wrestling practice schedule template comes in handy.

Benefits of a Wrestling Practice Schedule Template

Using a wrestling practice schedule template offers several benefits for both coaches and wrestlers. Firstly, it provides structure and organization to the training sessions, ensuring that all essential aspects of wrestling are covered. It helps coaches plan and allocate time for various techniques, drills, and conditioning exercises. For wrestlers, a practice schedule template helps them stay focused and motivated, as they know what to expect during each training session. It also allows them to track their progress and identify areas for improvement. Additionally, a schedule template helps wrestlers manage their time effectively, balancing their training with other commitments like school or work.

Components of a Wrestling Practice Schedule Template

A wrestling practice schedule template typically includes the following components: 1. Warm-up: This section includes exercises and stretches to prepare the body for intense physical activity. 2. Technique training: This section focuses on specific wrestling techniques, such as takedowns, escapes, or pins. Coaches can plan drills and practice scenarios to improve skills. 3. Live wrestling: This is the time for wrestlers to apply their techniques in controlled sparring sessions. It helps them develop their instincts and adapt to real match situations. 4. Strength and conditioning: Wrestling requires strength, endurance, and agility. This section includes exercises and workouts to improve overall physical fitness. 5. Cool-down: After a rigorous practice session, it’s important to cool down and stretch to prevent injuries and promote recovery.

Sample Wrestling Practice Schedule Template

Here’s a sample wrestling practice schedule template for a typical training session:


  • Warm-up: Jogging, dynamic stretches
  • Technique training: Single-leg takedowns
  • Live wrestling: 3 x 2-minute rounds
  • Strength and conditioning: Circuit training
  • Cool-down: Static stretches


  • Warm-up: Skipping rope, mobility exercises
  • Technique training: Escapes from bottom position
  • Live wrestling: 5 x 3-minute rounds
  • Strength and conditioning: Plyometric exercises
  • Cool-down: Foam rolling

Tips for Creating an Effective Wrestling Practice Schedule Template

When creating a wrestling practice schedule template, consider the following tips: 1. Set specific goals: Identify the areas you want to focus on and set measurable goals for each training session. 2. Vary the intensity: Include both high-intensity drills and lighter, technical sessions to avoid burnout and promote skill development. 3. Allocate time for recovery: Rest and recovery are crucial for performance and injury prevention. Plan lighter training sessions or rest days to allow the body to recover. 4. Communicate with wrestlers: Involve wrestlers in the schedule planning process and gather feedback to ensure the schedule meets their needs and preferences.

Review of Popular Wrestling Practice Schedule Templates

Several websites and resources offer pre-designed wrestling practice schedule templates that you can customize to suit your team’s needs. Some popular options include: 1. “Wrestling Practice Planner” by Coach’s Office: This software allows coaches to create and manage practice schedules, track attendance, and monitor progress. 2. “Wrestling Practice Plans” by Wrestling Toolbox: This website offers a variety of practice plans and templates for different skill levels and training objectives. 3. “Wrestling Practice Schedule Template” by ExcelTemplates.net: This downloadable Excel template provides a simple and customizable format for planning wrestling practices.


A wrestling practice schedule template is a valuable tool for coaches and wrestlers alike. It provides structure, organization, and efficiency to training sessions, helping athletes reach their full potential. By using a template, coaches can plan effective practice sessions, and wrestlers can stay focused and motivated on their journey to success in the sport of wrestling.

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